We’re always shocked when people ask us how we got our name. It seems pretty obvious, right? We wanted to go with the plainest name out there. We wanted straight-up vanilla, clean, and safe. So we went to the drawing board and tried our damnedest to think of the most boring name possible: Neon Pig was the clear choice.


All joking aside, we wanted a crazy radical name. We wanted to make a splash. And so after we went through about 50 million different, less cool names, we took a look at these here socks. (If you’re looking at this website on your phone, scroll down to the bottom of this article.) These socks are special because they are the lucky socks that we wear when we pitch new work. And they’ve never let us down.

We thought “these neon pig socks are so dope, we’d better name the agency after them.”

Then we got to thinking more… which can be a dangerous thing to do. But we realized that neon has a pretty huge place in the history of advertising (so do pigs, we suppose, but that’s another story… our agency is not named Chauvinist Pig, after all.) We asked, “What says, ‘Open for Business’ more than a bright, shiny neon sign?” Nothing. The answer is nothing, and so we decided that we had a pretty damn good name.


Hell yeah they are. They are fat and sloppy, too. But you know what else they are? They are smart. They have an amazing sense of smell and dig for truffles. We found this badass link that helped us come to terms with our fat, sloppy selves even more. Ever heard of a piggy bank? So have we. And so have most of our clients. They like it when they can toss some coin in their piggy bank, and hopefully our advertising had a little something to do with it. And for the record, pigs can also be cute as shit sometimes. Except for when they literally roll around in shit. Anyway, we’re Neon Pig, and we’re not apologizing for it one bit.


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Michael O'Cana
Michael O'Cana
Laura Schnarr
Laura Schnarr
Colin Christie
Colin Christie
Rob Ladefoged
Rob Ladefoged
Jake Cowdrey
Jake Cowdrey
Sheyenne Livingston
Sheyenne Livingston

Michael O’Cana

Partner, Director of Web

Mike literally wakes up at 2 o’clock in the morning. This is not an exaggeration. If you believe anything in these bios, believe that. He designs and codes more before breakfast than most “dual-threats” do in an entire lifetime. He is a five-time gold medalist in the Code Crusher of the Year awards, as well as a second runner-up in the Iowa State Fair butter carving competition. Click to read more >>

While dad jokes are a huge skill set of Mike’s, his true skill lies within the web world. With Mike, you really do get the best of both worlds. As the development team leader he is organized and can solve any website problem that comes our way. He’s been known to crack the whip, but never without a smile on his face. With a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications, Mike is also a strong creative designer and can really narrow in on user experience in both print and web. A native to Colorado, Michael has embedded into his mission to see his community and colleagues in small business reach their highest potential. When he’s not slaying it in the office, he enjoys camping, cycling, and dabbling in turntablism.

Laura Schnarr

Partner, Director of Strategy

Laura Schnarr is taking time off from her super-modeling career to dabble in graphic design. Most people struggle walking and chewing gum at the same time—that’s not the case with Laura. She can run on her treadmill in stilettos with her laptop in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Once, she wrote an entire marketing strategy and designed a 72-page publication while listening to Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in the time it took her to walk down the runway. Click to read more >>

When she’s not herding her two lovable fur babies, Laura is turning her wheels on the next “big idea”. After graduating with a degree in Multimedia Graphic Design, Laura found a passion in honing in on the psychographics of target audiences to help clients reach their larger goals and objectives. Through her work in marketing strategy and creative design, she now oversees campaign strategies and directs creative concepts focusing on the clients’ objectives. Laura also helps mold the minds of the future creative generation as an adjunct instructor of the Graphic Design program at Pikes Peak Community College. An avid snowboarder and hardcore trail runner, anything “Colorado” calls to her heart. She is an insufferable Avs fanatic, but would be great friends with anyone over a craft brew or good wine.

Colin Christie

Partner, Creative Director

Colin is a professional bio writer and prides himself on fact checking all of his bios with “the big three” bio fact checking companies: Bio Fact Check, AccuBio, and This Bio Cannot Tell a Lie. Needless to say, he makes sure the words he is putting out there are authentic and honest. He is also a self-professed meme-making aficionado, and has created memes that have made at least one person giggle. Click to read more >>

Colin’s beard growing and grooming skills are only the beginning of his hands-on talents. As a traditional artist and theatre major, Colin is at his best when he brings the old fashioned pen to paper through his copywriting, hand lettering, and design. As he honed his skills in the hospitality industry through the years as Creative Director, he is now able to lead the team with strong direction in branding, layout, and typography. Colin is also our official proofer, finding every missing comma or mis spelled word. When he is not writing or designing, Colin spends his time on the disc golf course or at a local bar trivia night, enjoying one of Colorado’s many fabulous craft beers.

Jake Cowdrey

Designer, Web Developer

Daniel Thomas John Jacob Jingleheimer Aloysius Culliver-Cowdrey VI, or “Jake” as he prefers to be called, joined Neon Pig in February, 2021. He was introduced to our agency through a program called Seniors who Code. No, not seniors in high school. Senior citizens. Despite his youthful looks, Jake is 77 going on 97… and while his curmudgeonly nature tends to annoy the rest of the Pigs (who identify as “reluctant millennials”) his wizardry as a web developer makes up for it. In his free time, Jake enjoys yelling at those damn kids to get off his lawn… and that’s pretty much it. Click to read more >>

Jake Cowdrey is the latest and greatest addition Neon Pig, joining the team as a web developer in 2021. He graduated from Pikes Peak Community College with a degree in multimedia graphic design in 2020, and we were eager to snag this young talent. He brings a stellar design eye to any web project he is working on, and is quick to offer constructive art direction to the rest of the Pigs when we workshop our projects. Jake’s addition to the team marks a milestone for Pig personnel, as he is the first Pig to have Piglets of his own. He lives with his two beautiful children in Colorado Springs, CO.

Rob Ladefoged

Project Manager

Rob Ladefoged is a forty-seventh generation Project Manager, having trained at the world-famous Ladefoged Academy of Project Management like his father before him. He received his BA in Massive Organization and his PhD in Getting People’s Shit Together (graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2013.) Just for the heck of it, Dr. Ladefoged thought he’d grab an AA in Multimedia & Graphic Design along the way, too. That makes him ultra-prepared if he ever needed to tell one of our clients that we do not, in fact, need to make the logo bigger. Click to read more >>

Truly a well-rounded individual, Rob cut his chops in the visual communications world while previously working in-house for a hospitality property. It was there in which he learned to literally do…everything. With a degree in Multimedia & Graphic Design, Rob brings a creative eye to all projects that work their way through the pig pen. He has found his home with the Pigs as their Project Manager, trafficking creative projects from beginning to end, and charming the hell out of clients along the way. In his spare time, he rocks the mic as a local trivia quizmaster, and enjoys cooking and showing everyone pictures of his cat Phil.

Sheyenne Livingston

Front-End Web Developer

When Sheyenne Livingston is not working as a front-end web developer for Neon Pig, she spends her time traveling the globe. In 2022 she set a world record by visiting 324 countries… a shocking feat, considering there are only 195 countries in the world. With globetrotting in her blood, she naturally also plays for the Harlem Globetrotters. Her signature move, the “Web Boss Special Sauce,” involves her hand-coding a landing page while throwing down a reverse-360 dunk. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to have her on our team as well. Click to read more >>

Sheyenne Livingston is a web developer, designer, adventure seeker, and cooking enthusiast. She loves the mountains, but when she’s at the beach it’s nearly impossible to get her out of the water (just ask her in-laws). While she may not have actually visited 324 countries last year, she truly is a world-traveler, and you can occasionally find her kayaking on the coast of France or enjoying a pint in London with her husband, Parker. When she’s not adventuring, she’s usually cuddling her pug behind her laptop at home in Colorado Springs.



We aren’t hiring right now, but we are always open to the next perfect fit. Click here to let us know if you feel we are missing a link on our team.


Alex Willard

Front-End Web Developer

Alex Willard, a household name and fixture on the National Pickleball Championship circuit, hung up his paddle in 2018 and joined Neon Pig as a result of being bored in retirement. He credits his success as a front-end web developer to his experience on the pickleball court, though sometimes we have to tell him to quiet down on the “tennis grunts” when we have clients in the office. His international fame often overshadows the rest of the Pigs when they go out in public. Fortunately, Alex remains humble. Click to read more >>


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