Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics

Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics


Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics

Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics offers massage therapy with a wide variety of techniques and understanding of how the body is connected via nerves and muscle tissues. AMT needed a logo that expressed their professionalism and clinical approach, but still felt organic and therapeutic.

Neon Pig Creative achieved this balance by combining energetic and playful shapes with a color palette that was soft and non-threatening. This approach was reinforced by pairing typefaces that are both clinical and expressive.



Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics

Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics then tasked Neon Pig Creative with developing a website that functioned much like a brochure and also gave a welcoming introduction for their new clients. The website needed showcase their team of Licensed Massage Therapists, describe their service techniques and provide pricing for services and products.

Maintaining strong brand standards, the logo colors—complemented by soft, similarly hued images—were heavily enforced throughout the site. This soft and approachable visual direction augmented the therapeutic tone for the user’s experience.

The website’s mobile experience has been optimized to condense information where it could without creating limitations on the content.


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