MX Spa

MX Spa


MX Spa

A luxury spa needs a luxury image. MX Spa lies in the lower level of the historic Mining Exchange Hotel, using some of the original vault doors from the early 1900s as it’s spa room doors. The spa area has been renovated to exude relaxation, grandeur, and absolute serenity. When the spa opened in 2015, Neon Pig led the entire branding process, building a cohesive image and voice for MX Spa that represents the beauty and luxury that instantly envelops guests as they walk through the doors.


MX Spa

After several years on a dated tables-based site, MX Spa found it necessary to create a friendly and warm experience with their online image, just as guests find when they arrive for their appointment. This fully custom site is built with strong imagery to showcase the magnificent interior while also providing the user an easy navigation experience for learning about services, events, specials, and more.


With an updated image throughout the years and a growing presence on social media, the spa decided they needed a consistent voice and appearance on their social media platforms. We provided MX Spa with beautiful digital graphics that keep their Instagram profile and Facebook page on-brand.


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