Rebekah Keller

Rebekah Keller

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Rebekah Keller

Rebekah Keller has been mastering the harp since the age of 6. Originally from California, she came to Colorado Springs to continue her practice as a nurse—but also pursue her passion for music. She partnered with Neon Pig Creative to help her design an identity package that would elevate her professional presence as she pursued weddings, social events, accompaniments, or orchestral appearances.

After researching her background and learning her loving and giving personality, the end result for her logo and identity package was one of elegance and whimsy. To balance the strong shape of the harp, we used very soft colors with and surrounded it with dancing vine illustrations. A stylized font for her name signified her artistry and authorship, which contrasted well the modern and sophisticated treatment used with ‘Harpist’.


Rebekah Keller

Rebekah’s website required a unique format that could optimized toward keeping a visitor engaged in learning about her style and personality.

This directed Neon Pig to design with a utilizing as much full-width/full screen photography as possible. E. Broderick Photography had an afternoon photoshoot that helped make this goal a reality. Rebekah took her harp across town and to Garden of the Gods and that extra touch really elevated this website and her professional image.

Rebekah’s website is built to look beautiful across many devices as her target market reaches all over from young brides to professional parties. Visitors can learn about her and her professional partnerships and make contact to discuss potential bookings.


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