Rocky Mountain Food Tours

Rocky Mountain Food Tours


Rocky Mountain Food Tours

When Rocky Mountain Food Tours first walked into our doors, it was a pivotal time for the client. One of those, “Time to give it our all” moments. While a successful operation was established giving 2 tours, the client was ready to expand to up to 4 tours and provide full-time service.

To really make this successful the client understood that a new brand and identity system would be key to getting new eyes on their tours and present a stronger company. The new logo was tasked to fun, friendly and vibrant, but still very clearly identify their focus of ‘Wine • Dine • Explore’



Rocky Mountain Food Tours

A strong identity package was created for Rocky Mountain Food Tours to match their vibrant logo as well as a comprehensive Partnership Kit. The kit was created for on-boarding new restaurant partners to become a part of the tour. It showcased not only the offerings that Rocky Mountain Food tours had in their marketing efforts, but also celebrated their press and media exposure.


Rocky Mountain Food Tours

The website for Rocky Mountain Food Tours needed to do much more than just displaying tour information. There needed methods to showcase the restaurants that were part of the tours, provide Google Maps and integrate a dynamic booking system. Knowing most of the website visitors may be on their phone, tourists looking for something to do, the phone had to have special attention so that the experience was easy and quick.


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