Total Leaf Supply

Total Leaf Supply


Total Leaf Supply

Total Leaf Supply is Virginia-based tobacco farm that prides itself on its rich history, as well as the hand-crafted approach they maintain with their product. Unlike other farms that focus on high-yields and massive production, Total Leaf Supply focuses on making sure the quality of the product is maintained above anything else.



Total Leaf Supply

When developing an identity for Total Leaf Supply, Neon Pig Creative leaned on the themes of history and craftsmanship. We were drawn to a hand-lettered logotype, so we developed a lovely script to pair with a strong badge background, revealing a timeless logo that emitted a feeling of tradition—but with a fresh approach. Additional logo marks and alternative illustrations gave the brand a richer and larger story to tell.


Total Leaf Supply

For the website, Neon Pig embraced the opportunity to tell Total Leaf Supply’s comprehensive story. We also needed to build a platform to showcase their extensive product range.

Total Leaf Supply’s products range in raw plant materials to wraps. They are known for a handful of select strains—each grown, hand-hung to dry, trimmed, and packaged under the warm Virginia’s sunshine.

Show me the leaves.

A saying among Total Leaf Supply’s clientele, it simply means to show the product and that the products will speak for themselves. On the website, Neon Pig needed to provide clear navigation to photos and leaf descriptions, as well as easily filter flavor and category profiles.

Visitors can also research costs and order remotely, should they want to place an order from the comfort of their own home. Having this flexibility allows Total leaf Supply to reach a broad spectrum of clients across the nation.


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