Company Policies


Neon Pig Creative, Inc.
76 S Sierra Madre St., Unit F
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 301-0253


Our team is in the office and available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.


The Pig Pen is closed for most main holidays, as well as a few extra days surrounding those holidays in some cases. Please see our closure dates below and try to plan projects around these times, if possible:

  • New Year’s Day and two work days surrounding New Year’s Day
    (may adjust depending on the calendar week)
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day and two work days surrounding Christmas Day
    (may adjust depending on the calendar week)

For specific questions regarding dates for the current calendar year, please reach out to one of our partners. If there are other closures that Neon Pig implements, we will notify you and update you on any project timelines immediately. Even though we have five full-time employees, when one is out of the office, it can affect our schedules. We will make sure we communicate with you well before any team members leave and how it may affect your projects. As anything goes, when life happens and there are unforseen events out of our control that may call for the office to be closed, we will do everything in our power to continue any of your needs and communicate with you as soon as possible.


With a small but mighty team of five, we must make sure our time is used doing the things we are best at — being creative. While we love each and every one of our clients and want to build relationships, the frequency and duration of meetings must be planned with the utmost efficiency.

Our normal meetings will include a project initiation meeting to review the scope of the project. This may result in a quote, a strategy recommendation, or whatever else may be requested at that time. From there, meetings will be held upon request. For large concepts and projects, we enjoy presenting in person so we can talk about major goals and aesthetics. For revisions and smaller motions in the project, we ask that we can work through our project management system or email.


Every project is different and may require specific timelines for creative, development, or execution. We try to provide a reasonable turnaround time for each project, depending on our current workload. If deadlines are assigned in Asana that may not be feasible, the project lead will change it and email or call you regarding that deadline. For any new projects initiated via email, the project lead will give an estimated timeline before starting the project.

Our timelines are dependent on our client’s changes. If revisions are sent beyond the original timeline scope, it may require extending the project deadline to account for the extra time. To maintain the large number of projects in our queue, we must meticulously plan them to be executed professionaly, creatively, and effectively.


Our policy and standard for replying to all communications is within 24 hours.

If you do not receive a response within that time frame and have not otherwise been notified, your message may not have reached us and we ask that you try again.

We assign a project lead to every client we bring on board. If you do not know who your project lead is, do not hesitate to reach out.

If your account requires you to work with us in our project management system, Asana, we ask that all project communication is done through that channel. This includes changes, new project requests, task deadlines, etc. If you have a general question about billing, a meeting request, or other items that do not fit within our project list, feel free to call or email. All projects should be initially assigned to the lead on your project, and they will delegate it to the appropriate team member. Training will be provided for these types of projects.

For accounts outside of the project management system, we ask that clients first try to reach the individual that is the lead for the project via their individual email address for any inquiries. We prefer email communication, as it creates a record or paper trail that can be referenced or shared with
our team, and ensures that things do not fall through the cracks. If you are in need of immediate assistance, we recommend calling the office line at (719) 301-0253 or you can reach all three of our partners by emailing We ask that you DO NOT call personal cell phone numbers, unless specifically requested to do so. Our team members’ time and personal life is precious and we ask that it is respected, especially outside of office hours.

Our office line is on and will be answered (unless we are on the line with someone else) Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


As mentioned in the Communications Policies, we request that all new work requests are submitted electronically. This ensures that we have some sort of paper trail and can refer back to communications about the specific project. Please make sure all new project requests are submitted to the project lead first. This is important! Team members’ time is a delicate balance between many clients, and our project leads are the ones with a good pulse on the workload for each of the Pigs. By sending it to the project lead first, this helps confirm that all of our deadlines will be met in a timely manner. New work requests may be done one of two ways:

1. In Asana: If you are collaborating with us in our project management system, you will have access to your own team where you can create new tasks and projects. In here, please include all information we need to get started, including size, graphics, and copy. If it is a larger project, we may respond asking for a creative brief to be filled out.

2. Via Email: For any other clients, we ask that all project requests come via email. Depending on the scope of your project, we may either first send you an estimate to be approved, or send a link to our creative brief which leads you through the questions we need answered to get started.


Starting October 1, 2018, Neon Pig Creative will be instating a rush charge to expedited timeline requests. With the number of clients we serve, and the integrity and creativity we put into every project we work on, we strategically create our project schedules to allow time for the absolute best work we can provide. When a project is requested in less time than usually allotted, the creative process and other project timelines are affected, which can lead to subpar work. We are happy to make these requests happen, but they usually require time outside of our normal business hours, therefore accruing overtime on our end.

The rush policy is as follows:

A rush charge of 25% of the original quoted price, or for retainer clients, 15% of our normal retail cost of that project. Below are a few examples of rush requests.

  • For singular print projects requested within 48 hours or less
  • For campaigns (multiple items) requested within 4 days or less
  • For websites requested within 3 weeks or less
  • For other projects with a timeline deemed irregular by Neon Pig Creative


For retainer clients, all retainers are billed on the 1st of each month for the following month’s work. All invoices for retainer accounts are due by the 15th of the month.

For project-based clients, we require a 50% down payment to get the project on our schedule. The invoice will be sent once an estimate is agreed to, and the project will not be started until a down payment has been made.

We accept credit card, checks, or cash. You can pay online when we send the invoice, or send other payment methods to our physical location.


It is always our goal to make you happy and work with you to create something you are thrilled with. If things go awry (let’s face it, we are all human), we would always like the opportunity to fix whatever isn’t working and correct mistakes or oversights. If you are still dissatisfied or we are not able to accomplish the task to your approval, we can provide a partial refund for any work we are unable to complete.

Because our time is extremely valuable to us , we do not offer full refunds for work we have completed or time we have invested. We also do not offer full refunds on any time spent when there is a change in scope of work, or a change in direction. Most times, this instance will result in Neon Pig re-estimating the project with the new scope and/or direction.


Neon Pig Creative is happy to package and deliver archived files and native project files upon request once projects and final billing are completed. All work completed and paid for is owned by the client in whatever file is best suited for their purposes. If you are unsure what different file types are for, our entire team is educated and willing to help. Incomplete work or work that was canceled will not be transferred.

While Neon Pig hosts multiple redundancy protocols for our files, we are not responsible for the hosting or longevity over a lifetime.


Neon Pig Creative takes into account several details for all websites that address security and stability. This includes installing software that proactively deters malware, hackers and bots, and website database and file back up systems. While these products do work very well they rely on software that is not developed or maintained by Neon Pig. As a result, your website it is not guaranteed or warranted to not be affected by an attack.

Similarly, Neon Pig does not physically host websites but instead, purchases or leases hosting services from third-party companies. The stability, warranty and customer support ultimately falls on those third-party vendors, but Neon Pig is happy to help troubleshoot and act as the liaison.

Neon Pig does offer copywriting services as well as formatting of client-supplied content (text, images and video). Neon Pig does not warrant or is responsible for the copyright or accuracy of this content. Responsibility and accuracy for the website content is solely owned by the client.


We don’t bite, feel free to call us.

Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm MDT
Fridays 7:30am to 12 noon

Neon Pig Creative implements summer hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


76 S Sierra Madre St Unit F,
Colorado Springs,
CO 80903

Cage Code: 9A7A7


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