We are communicators. We are artists. We are problem solvers and thinkers.

Some agencies strive to be everything to everybody. That’s not us. We know what we do well and we stick to it—creative, strategic communication. Do you want to look and sound good as an individual, organization, company, or brand? Then we can probably help you.

Here’s some of the things we do that have knocked our clients’ socks off…



A brand is more than a logo. In our branding process, we dig deep into who you are at your core. We explore your personality, the voice of your company, and the story behind who you are. We build a foundation on which to grow. We believe more heads are better than one, so we always have multiple people on a branding project. It's fascinating to see the variety of marks that develop from this collaborative effort. One designer’s perspective is always different from another, and because of our wholistic approach to branding, we're sure you'll walk out the door with a brand image you absolutely love.


Sometimes we are lucky enough to use our creative noggins for something as awesome as naming a new business. Similar to your visual identity, your naming involves a thorough exploration into who you are and what you are to find the true essence of your brand. We use our own company as the ultimate case study—we dug deep to discover our name, and eventually we found the truffle that was Neon Pig. So we love getting our gears churning for unique, effective names for any industry. It goes without question that we'll research the Secretary of State to make sure there’s no naming conflicts, and ultimately deliver you a name that is relevant, compelling, and completely yours.


Graphic Design

When it comes down to it—I mean when it REALLY comes down to it—our favorite thing in the whole wide world is good old-fashioned graphic design. We believe everybody and every brand deserves great design. Whether it be publication layout, informational brochures, postcards, flyers, ads, digital graphics or posters, we have been around the block a time or two. Our team is full of dynamic skill sets for any project that comes across our desks. Your company has valuable content, and the quality of graphic design should reflect the content. We can assure you that it will not only communicate that content in the best way possible, but also create an extension of your brand. As an added bonus, it will and look fucking awesome at no extra charge.


Our cherry on top is definitely the bad ass illustration skills we have on staff. Custom illustration is some of the most fun we have around here. Sometimes this could be an infographic design, or possibly hand illustrated lettering on a menu board. Got an idea of what you want illustrated? I bet we can make it. Have no clue what you want, but think illustration might be one way to communicate your message? Cool, we’ll definitely be there for you for that as well.



Our coders geek out on your site’s user experience, interface design, custom CSS, JavaScript and PHP, while digging into your server backend to scope out what’s really going on behind that CMS. But don’t don’t need to worry about any of that. All you need to know is that we create dope websites that are always built mobile responsive (that means it looks good on your phone) and yours will be nothing less. We talk to you like a human being, not a code geek (because let’s face it, those of us that don’t code around here can’t stand that kind of talk, either). Our websites are built with your customer and goals in mind. Every site includes training for you and/or your employees so you have the power to update, edit, and create pages once we are done. No contracts, no backend secret deals to keep you tied to us. If you do want us to stick around and help you with updates and maintenance, great! We will do that, too. But if you want to save some bills and update that photo once a month yourself, then it’s your website and you should be able to.


Consumers navigate the world of the web much different today than they did even just five years ago. Our team stays up to date on all the user experience trends, and how today's consumer is changing. Designing a website is not just slapping some photos and headlines on a screen. We focus in on your brand image, supporting photos, complimentary colors, and ease of navigation when designing your site. Our team uses the "mobile first" strategy in all sites we design as well, knowing the trends of where content is being seen. A developer can get a site up and running for you just fine. But if it's not designed well, no one will want to stick around.



We aren’t about one night stands around here, we love creating relationships with our clients. Let’s take a look at your goals and objectives from a higher level, and figure out the road map to get you there. We start with a basic analysis of who you are as a business, who your competitors are, and who you are speaking to (aka your target audience). Our marketing strategies are not merely tactics to win a battle, they are an overarching idea to win the war. Let’s put our snouts down to the nitty gritty, get our hooves a little dirty, and get cash flowing into your piggy bank. Once we have the end game and the tactics to get us there, Neon Pig is here to make sure it happens and that you look good doing it. We take care of all the creative work right here in the pig pen, and anything we aren’t exceptional at, we bring in our collaborative partners in the community to ensure your company has the best damn marketing out there.


Remember that marketing strategy we were talking about earlier? Well sometimes it includes some advertising to help get you where you need to go. Maybe you’re savvy at planning your own advertising, and that’s awesome, too. While we don’t specifically place media and advertising, we sure can design the shit out of it. If you need a few freshened up print ads, or an entire integrated campaign, we will create a consistent and branded look and tone for all your advertising needs.


We don’t consider ourselves a Social Media company, however, we are pretty social and we are doing other work for you, we already know the voice of your company. While running social media content is not our full time job, we can definitely help you out with it. Along with posts and boosted ads, we also create great looking, branded social media images for your pages to make sure your brand is consistent from your Facebook to your business card, and everything in between.


While Neon Pig serves “clients” in the traditional sense of the ad agency world, we are very much a business-to-business agency, too. We love working with other great agencies—in Colorado Springs and beyond—complementing their skill set with ours.

Sometimes we’ll pinch hit in the web development capacity; other times we’ll be brought on board to spearhead the creative direction and execution. Sometimes we even partner with more than one agency at a time, creating a beautiful ménage à trois of marketing. If you are a potential client and this seems overwhelming, rest assured that you will only have to interact with one main point of contact.


We don’t bite, feel free to call us.

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Neon Pig Creative implements summer hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


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