Piccadilly Bar

Piccadilly Bar


Piccadilly Bar

The Antlers Hotel was the first hotel built in Colorado Springs by founder, William Jackson Palmer. Palmer called Colorado Springs “Little London” in hopes of what it would become for residents and tourists alike. The Antlers was the center of his city – décor, food, and drink all inspired by that of London. After the first Antlers hotel burnt to the ground, it was rebuilt in even larger splendor and included a lobby bar called The Piccadilly Bar, named after the iconic Piccadilly Circus in London.

Now in it’s third version of the building, The Antlers approached Neon Pig about bringing the Piccadilly back to life. The Piccadilly is a brand new bar with an old soul— an antique watering hole reinvented with a modern twist. Built with a grand, wraparound granite countertop bar featuring 50 beers on tap, our goal was to give visitors and guests the feeling that they stepped back into old London square, all inspired by the original Piccadilly Bar and the aesthetics of vintage British pubs.


Piccadilly Bar

Graphic Design & Advertising

Along with the dynamic branding, the newly imagined bar also needed a complimentary menu design and print campaign. Digital and print ads used headlines set in a compelling typographic style with very simple body copy. Each of our pieces showcase an intricate detail of the bar, from the chandelier to the bar taps to the beautiful print on the wallpaper.


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