Colorado Extractions Ltd.

Colorado Extractions Ltd.

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Colorado Extractions Ltd.

Colorado Extractions LTD came to Neon Pig with the goal of building strong relationships with their clientele for a product that, at the time, was still considered taboo. Colorado Extractions LTD designs and builds extraction units for plant-based materials and has excelled with marijuana processing farms.

Their product is a large investment for a processor, so it was critical that they came across serious, strong, and trustworthy. Safety is a huge concern, and it is critical that their company be perceived as one that has the technical know-how and experience to take on the task at hand.

Neon Pig took a simple approach when creating the logo, designing a strong mark that represented the process of extracting, modeled off of an actual module in their flagship product, the RocaDab.


RocaDab is the flagship product of Colorado Extractions, and therefore required its own logo. In an effort to start a platform for creating new and future brands, Neon Pig used simple geometric shapes, typography and consistent color.


Colorado Extractions Ltd.

Colorado Extractions LTD also needed a website that could be expanded upon as their products grew, and also help cater and build bridges in new THC-friendly markets such as Oregon and Nevada.

The website design helps in these areas by having a unique product workflow/showcase, allowing the client to update product specs, images and technical content that a potential investor may need or require.

Special care was taken to make promotional areas and page enhancing visuals be not distracting, but add interest by highlighting close-ups of their projects.


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